Trademark Policy

Oct 08, 2021
Dec 20, 2023

This Trademark Policy outlines the guidelines for the use of trademarks owned by N3N in the context of the N3N Community. These trademarks include, but are not limited to, the N3N name and the N3N Frontier Wolf logo.

The use of N3N trademarks, including logos and names, requires explicit written permission from NCRYPTO Labs Private Limited.

Authorized Use

Authorized use is limited to activities directly endorsed or supported by N3N, such as community events, collaborations, or projects.

  1. Community Projects: Members are encouraged to use N3N trademarks in the context of community projects, provided it is done in a way that aligns with the values and mission of N3N.

  2. Attribution: Properly attribute N3N trademarks when used. Include a clear and visible notice that the trademarks are owned by N3N.

  3. Non-commercial Use: Use of N3N trademarks for non-commercial purposes within the community is generally permitted.

  4. Clear Distinction: Any use of N3N trademarks must not imply endorsement or affiliation that does not exist. It should be clear that the use is not an official representation of N3N.

Prohibited Use

  1. Commercial Purposes: Unauthorized use of N3N trademarks for commercial purposes, including promotional and marketing activities, is strictly prohibited without explicit permission.

  2. Confusing Use: Do not use N3N trademarks in a way that may cause confusion about the source or endorsement of a product or service.

  3. Derivative Works: Do not create derivative works of N3N trademarks without explicit permission.

Reporting Unauthorized Use

If you come across unauthorized use of N3N trademarks, please report it to Include relevant details and evidence to assist in the investigation.

Modifications to Policy

N3N reserves the right to modify this Trademark Policy. Any changes will be communicated through official channels.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the use of N3N trademarks, please contact

Thank you for respecting the trademarks of N3N and contributing positively to the community! 🚀✨