Dependency Scanning

Sep 21, 2021
Dec 20, 2023

Ensure the security of N3N open-source projects by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in project dependencies.


1. Automated Dependency Scans:

2. Integration with CI/CD Pipelines:

3. Dependency Update Notifications:

4. Scan Frequency:

5. Manual Review:

6. Prioritization of Vulnerabilities:

7. Documentation:

8. Response Plan:

9. Collaboration with Developers:

10. Continuous Improvement:

- Regularly review and update the dependency scanning plan to incorporate new tools, best practices, and lessons learned from previous scans.


1. OWASP Dependency-Check:

2. Snyk:

3. WhiteSource Bolt:

4. GitHub Dependabot:


1. Regular Reports:

2. Communication Channels:

By implementing this dependency scanning plan, N3N aims to enhance the security posture of its open-source projects and provide a safe and reliable environment for contributors and users.