Incident Response Plan

Sep 21, 2021
Dec 20, 2023

The N3N Incident Response Plan outlines the procedures to follow in the event of a security incident. The primary goal is to minimize the impact of incidents on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of N3N projects and data.

Incident Categories

1. Security Incidents:

2. Operational Incidents:

Incident Response Team

The Incident Response Team (IRT) consists of individuals responsible for coordinating and responding to incidents. Key roles include:

Incident Handling Process

1. Detection and Reporting:

2. Assessment:

3. Containment:

4. Eradication:

5. Recovery:

6. Communication:

7. Documentation:

8. Review and Lessons Learned:

Reporting an Incident

If you suspect or detect an incident, report it immediately to the Incident Coordinator at Include all relevant details, such as the nature of the incident, affected systems, and your contact information.


All incident-related information is treated as confidential. Only individuals involved in the incident response process have access to this information.


This incident response plan is subject to periodic review and update to ensure its effectiveness. The latest version will be available to all N3N contributors.

Thank you for your commitment to maintaining a secure and resilient N3N community.