Secure Configuration Management

Sep 21, 2021
Dec 20, 2023

Effective configuration management is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of our projects. This plan outlines the principles and practices for secure configuration management within the N3N community.

1. Configuration Inventory:

2. Least Privilege Principle:

3. Secure Defaults:

4. Version Control:

5. Automated Configuration Deployment:

6. Encryption for Sensitive Data:

7. Regular Audits:

8. Access Control:

9. Configuration Backups:

10. Continuous Monitoring:

11. Documentation:

12. Security Testing:

13. Configuration Change Management:

14. Training and Awareness:

15. Compliance Monitoring:

This Secure Configuration Management Plan is essential for maintaining a secure and well-managed environment for our projects. Regular updates and adherence to these practices contribute to the overall security posture of the N3N community. Thank you for your commitment to secure configuration management.