Security Auditing

Sep 21, 2021
Dec 20, 2023

The objective of the N3N Open Source Security Audits is to proactively identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities in our software projects, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the codebase.


Security audits will be conducted regularly as part of our commitment to maintaining a secure development environment. The frequency may vary based on project criticality and changes in the threat landscape.


1. Scope Definition:

2. Automated Scans:

3. Manual Code Review:

4. Dependency Analysis:

5. Threat Modeling:

6. Penetration Testing:

7. Configuration Review:

8. Data Flow Analysis:

9. Authentication and Authorization Assessment:

10. Incident Response Simulation:

11. Documentation Review:

12. Report and Remediation:

13. Continuous Improvement:

By following this comprehensive security audit plan, N3N aims to maintain the highest standards of security in its open-source projects. Your contribution to this security-focused approach is highly valued. Thank you for your commitment to building a secure open-source community!